Monday, January 10, 2011

My heart is my tummy.

Last Thursday was our four year anniversary of not totally hating eachother. I ended up having to work a game at UNI until 9ish, but Tim didn't work at all (kind of odd really), so he decided he was going to make dinner himself and have it ready the moment I got home. Sounds cute and sweet, right? 

And it totally was, until by 10oclock, I was waddling around like an obese cow/penguin hybrid. 

Appetizer, cause we all need apps at 930 at night: Mozzarella/sweet tomato chunks on a bed of spinach.
Main meal: Rouladen (super thin beef rolled around a dill baby pickle and then simmered in crazy juices for a few hours), corn/green bean bread pudding stuff, and crescent rolls.
And then dessert that I had made earlier that day, not knowing the insanity that he was going to make all that for dinner, was Pavlova. Its an Australian thing, basically like merengue? I think thats the closest comparison. Fluffy, white, light, and delicious with fruit.
We ended up skipping the wine. Im pretty sure that would have ended with having to roll me around the house.

So fat. So good. More please!

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