Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Arachnid Club Med.

A story of one of the very few reasons I dislike the fall season....

A few days ago, Nessa was guarding the front closet. A strange place for her to be, but I figured it was bug related. With the growing cold, it seems that theres a few extra sneaking in to stay warm. Got on treadmill. Run run run.

Minutes later, one of the HUGEST spiders I have ever seen scurries under the couch. Now, I really don't like spiders, but I also don't really have a fear of them. They are gross, and its not like I want to hold and play with them, but I dont run screaming either. I get a paper towel and go in for the kill. But this thing was creepily big.

I go to kill it, and I can't find it. I give up and continue my run as Nessa and Myla guard the couch like they are spider bounty hunters. As I run, I realize if I don't get it and kill it before I leave, I will never sit on the couch again without fear of that palm sized spider crawling over my lap.

I totally flip the couch over, see it, and then must race Nessa to kill it before she starts playing shuffle board with it, and it runs away, hiding again. I win the race, and it took a few stomps to kill, including a terrifying shriek when it crawled over my shoe. In my head I saw it making it all the way up my leg and into my shorts.

So we need to get these things dead. That's the third BIG one we've found in a week traipsing about our house like Club Med for Arachnids. NOT COOL.

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