Monday, October 18, 2010

Is it Halloween yet?

New post soon. I have really sucked it up the past few months. Even worse, nearly every post says that I am going to be better about it, and never am. But I have a post in mind! How my new pilates instructor has the intellect of a pea. At least when it comes to pilates. I shall call her Peabrained Pilates Poser.

On a side note, we didn't really do Halloween as kids, I mean kinda, to our grandparents house and a few select others, but not to the degree of most. And then later, I went out once in college with a TOTAL cop out of a costume.

But tonight. TONIGHT. I bought my first Halloween costume. I would say since elementary school, but I don't think we ever bought my costume ever. It took quite the perusing at the store, and I'm pretty sure the guy that is forced to stand outside the dressing room to make sure we don't steal anything wanted to scream at me to just pick a costume and leave already, but I got it. Super cute, but not yet approaching hooker status. Love love love it. I won't say what it is quite yet, but I will tell you the rejects involved a German beer girl, a Referee, and a Eskimo.

The latter was a pretty high contender, leading Tim to try on a related costume (well, remotely related) and despite me not picking the Eskimo, he was so pumped about his costume that he ended up getting it anyway. The kid might as well be prancing on the walls about it. So even if our current plans fall through, we WILL be going out this year. I demand to be cute for Halloween in public!!


Anonymous said...

You have a REALLY selective memory of Halloween!! And you accuse ME of bad memory ...whatever....

Clare & Tim said...

We maybe went out on the street for an hour one or two years! And JB Dennys house. That was it! Going to school or church events in costume dont count.