Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ryan and Bonnie, sittin in a tree.

Two weekends ago, Miss Bonnie and Mister Ryan got hitched. After a Ukrainian Orthodox ceremony in the woods (involving a crown ceremony, a three times walk around the altar, acapella singing only, and standing the whole time), we made our to the kickin reception. Absolutely gorgeous and the food....good lord, best wedding food EVER.
A woman asked if I was with catering. In my $350 dress I frickin hope not!

We don't see John very often, so when we do, its always a special and hilarious treat.

No ALPHA kids, he did not smell like chlorine....

Julie hooked Ryan up by flying in his bestest friend in the whole wide world (his heterolifemate) Lance up from Arizona. There was crying involved.

Oh Ryan.

This picture warms my heart beyond belief.

And then. Oh yes. A trip to Whole Foods. Its my Mecca.

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