Thursday, June 14, 2012

The LONG Road There

Yesterday we embarked on the long long road to Aspen, Colorado. Last night wasnt too bad. Leaving around 5pm after Tim got off work, we stopped in Des Moines for a delicious Chipotle dinner before finishing the drive to good ole Lincoln, NE where we had already booked a room (Priceline is the best, ever). Not so bad so far. Although I'm not sure how many times we can hear Call Me Maybe on the radio before going insane.

Today was a slightly different story. The hotel breakfast options consisted of cereal, waffles, toast, or doughnuts. That's it. ALL complex carbs. We even attempted THREE gas stations and not a single one had yogurt. Nebraska is afraid of yogurt, that's just gotta be it.

I'm pretty sure my butt was asleep in the first 20 minutes. Boredom soon followed. You know it's bad when you get excited for bathroom breaks just to have something to do....

Late lunch in Denver. You guessed it, Chipotle. I love me some quasi faux Mexican! Tim picked up his local Colorado beer to take home, and back on the road for the last three hours! It was strange driving past Dillon and Silverthorne, especially past Copper, where we usually stay while in Colorado.

But almost exactly 24 hours after we began the journey, we parked our poor little sputtery hybrid in Aspen. Our first mission to get registered for the weekends activities, the 30th Food & Wine Classic. I'd saved for a few years in order to give Tim something special for his 30th. Fingers crossed this is it!

Registration was super fast and easy. People are beyond nice, seems like this will be pretty chill, love it. We also got our stuff for the Bobby Flay 5k, bright and early tomorrow morning. Armed with swag bags galore, we headed for our lodge in Snowmass Village.

We barely got in the room (which is very nice and woodsy lodgy) before we dumped out the bags to go through all the goodies. This is no small peanuts event, that's for sure!

Eventually we wandered out for dinner at The Stew Pot. It was perfect. Between the two of us, we chowder down on chicken chipotle stew, salad, homemade bread, cranberry turkey sandwich and a ham and Brie sandwich. I'd say for not even starting the classic yet, we are eating well!

Thus why I'm at the gym currently. Gotta work off as much as I can so I can feel less guilt tomorrow!!

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