Sunday, June 17, 2012

Food & Wine Classic (Day Two / Part One)

Woke up early and refreshed, but again, no yogurt to be found!
Lucked out early in Aspen for the Farmers Market and a GIANT blueberry muffin and fresh cherries.
Ended up circling the block extra for a photo with Michael Symon, who was super nice as Tim couldn't get the camera to work.
Ming Tsai's Asian BBQ seminar was first, but only after seeing Michael at least 6 more times, looking like a stalker.

Ming Tsai was a great entertainer with hilarious stories and humor, making spicy salmon & beef satay.
Jose Andres ran in at the end to join the banter.
Chillier weather today.
Grand tasting brought us more goody bags, free tshirts and food that seemed to follow a shrimp theme.
Drinks consumed and liked included; Moscato, Roscato, & Red Velvet Cake liquor.
Waiting for Bobby Flay's Parisian Flair with American Flavor, we were entertained by four older intoxicated women.
Bobby Flay has quite the sexy voice.
He also did an interpretive Skate wing dance trying to explain his skate dish to the drunk rowdy crowd.
Flay was in full swing awesome even with Giada deLaurentis and Michael Symon there to heckle, and a drunk lady trying to high jack his presentation all the way through peach crepe dessert.
 We got to wait in line downstairs for Michael Symon's Meatless Mondays.
While seating, I encountered rude lady, but lucked out with Daphne Oz in the row ahead of us.
Symon sponsors whiskey and that was clear with lots of amusing side track stories, going ten minutes over time.
Cooked ricotta gnocchi w peas & asparagus salad.
Got a picture with Daphne Oz after.

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