Sunday, June 17, 2012

Food & Wine Classic (Day Two / Part Two)

Last circle of Grand Tasting got me a picture with Spike Mendelsohn.
Also my first shot of Mezcal (fire starting fuel), a chocolate Patron popsicle, and a duck daikon apple slaw taco (best of the day).
Leaving, there was no line for Gail Simmons, Paul Qi, or Tom Collichio. So naturally we hopped over and got our passes signed.
Tom looked so bored, and Gail made Tim wait so she could put on lip gloss.

Walking out, BEST PART of the day happened.
I got my picture with Fabio Viviani. And Tim asked him about the 5k.
Apparently it only took the guy pulling him in the wagon 40 minutes to finish. Impressive!
More cupcakes OUTSIDE the grand tasting on the way to the car.
Found delicious local Taster's pizza in Snowmass for dinner (I swear a few hours happened between tasting and dinner).
The White Bliss pizza, add pineapple.
Quick visit to the grocery store we wish we'd known was there all week, a mini exploratory drive up the mountain, and a long bike ride at the gym….

Day Two. Check!


Linds said...

Seems like quite the packed and start struck couple of days! No Rick Bayless?

Heather Marie said...

WAHHHH Top Chef heaven! Was Fabio super excellent in real life?

Clare & Tim said...

I know Rick Bayless was there for at least one day. He had one seminar, but it was exclusive to trade members (sadly, not me). And I never saw him around the grounds at all. Next time!

Clare & Tim said...

I honestly thought he might be one of the people that has more of a tv persona thats different than his real life persona. TOTALLY NOT. My first in person experience with him was seeing him being dragged in the little red wagon for the 5k. And when I asked for the picture, he pulled me right in close and was super personable and talked to Tim about the 5k and everything. He was LOVELY. And smelled lovely.