Saturday, June 16, 2012

Food & Wine Classic (Day One/Part Two)

Afternoon @ Food & Wine Classic: 
Tim refused to go into the Lexus photo booth with me, so I rocked the pink hat alone.
We watched John Besh brutally butcher a whole lamb and it all looked like carnage.
But he served bourbon lemonade while he did it, urging people to shout out randomly stupid questions.
I felt hung over from Grand Tasting #1 the whole time.
Saw Mario Batali & Emeril Lagasse while waiting in line for Top Chef: Sweet & Salty seminar.
Got highly annoyed at volunteers letting people sneak down early for seats.
Even madder when we were FIRST in line and yet halfway back in the room.
We received nail polish goodie bags and cups of Pinot?
Andrew Zimmern sat across the aisle from me, I totally braved up for a picture.
Gail Simmons & Tom Colicchio were a giggly and mess making duo, making sweet and savory peach dishes. 
Tequila and ice cream went EVERYWHERE.
Tom started live Tweeting his food.
Perused the grand tasting for special tastes and ice cream drinks.
Ice cream topped w/ olive oil and salt?
Godiva was promoting their truffle line based off of ice cream flavors.
Free Champion gym bags with goodies.
We didn't last long before deciding to skip the F&W classic t shirts (just too ugly this year), and then headed back to the hotel.

Inbetweener Time:
Making it just in time to get our Snowmass Tshirts.
Tim had the ham & brie, and tomato cheddar soup sitting outside at The Stew Pot. I just ate the fruit off my salad.
Hitting the gym was easy in comparison to getting dressed for the 10pm party.

Last Bite Dessert Party by Gail Simmons & Johnny Iuzzini:
Somehow we ended up parked under the industrial sprinklers. 
You know it's a good party when the front hall is lined with chocolates.
ANOTHER open bar.
Dessert stations were everywhere with gourmet desserts. Chocolates, pound cake, handmade pies, zillions of cupcakes, handmade doughnuts, cheeses, nuts, honeycomb, passed trays of mousses, flans, tapiocas, ice creams, cheesecakes. And so much more.
Johnny's station had a chocolate log, Melon soup panacotta, and strawberry salad. 
There was even a 15 foot moose to take pictures on, to go along with the Harry & David stations.
Somehow there were nail polish freebies?
Stalking Johnny right before we left deemed successful.
Saw Gail as we left, but we were just pooped! An hour was PLENTY of fun and sugar.

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