Saturday, June 16, 2012

Celebrity Chef Heaven (Day One/ Part One)

Today has been so jam packed (since bright and early 5:30am) I have no idea how I'll fit it all in one post! Unless I go with random thought bullet points....let's try it! (edit: ok, it'll be a two parter…)

Bobby Flay 5k:


Perfect cool Colorado morning.
First celeb sighting of the weekend, Richard Blais.
Got started with only a tiny altitude problem, gone by half mile in. Sadly the problem lay in my shin splints.
Halfway through, I passed Top Chef Fabio Viviani being pulled in a little red wagon.
There was a trail running section that I absolutely loved.
I came in seconds behind Tim at sadly a really slow time (32:something).
Afterwards we happily walked around eating fruit cups and bagels picking up freebies.

Morning @ Food & Wine Classic:
Walking through Aspen, I was inches from running straight into Daphne Oz, who was immediately followed by Mario Batali. I super nerdy geeked out.
We were among the first in lines for Game On with Andrew Zimmern. He prepared antelope and deer hearts. I'm vegetarian enough already!
Lines here are long. Without actually feeling long.
At first we were surprised at the amount of food at the Grand Tasting (80% booze / 20% food).
But then I had a few cocktails (first in years) and that 20% of food made it A-OK!
The trash recycling volunteers are Nazis.
Patron made full sized watermelon margaritas.
Mini tacos, shrimp, mini sandwiches, shaved beef, cookies, chocolates, and cheese are the hits of the 20%.
Mudslide shakes are delicious.
There was a tent dedicated to Spain?
The freebies including bottles of liquor and beer glasses were insane.
The Fiji water girls look like blue hookers from the 70s but they are my best friends.
Tim was second in line to get his Andrew Zimmern book signed.
Afterwards he said he was fulfilled and we could leave.

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