Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Food & Wine Classic / Starting Home (Day Three)

Waking up early +a late seminar start time + a gym that doesn't open til 8 = a lazy Clare morning.
Finding out the gym lady is perpetually late til 8:45 = a glare from Clare.
Upside: the front desk called a van to take us up the mountain to a neighboring hotel miniscule workout room.
Tim ran back down the mountain. I would break my leg trying. At the very least.
Extra warm waiting in line outside for Susan Feniger's Irresistable Street Food Seminar.
Susan was hung over, yet very high energy crazy.
Made cucumber melon cocktails, an egyptian lentil starch dish, Indian dish with more cilantro than I thought existed, and a lentil melon salad.
Right outside the tent we shared a mini CP burger (stellar) and sweet potato fries.
Lululemon isn't open on Sundays, and I'd waited ALL weekend to go, bummer.
$4.85 a gallon in Aspen
On the road to Denver by 12:15!

MC Yogi playing, driving with the windows down through the mountains.
Took Tim's picture at the Continental Divide.
Lunch @ Dam Brewery in Dillon (yay soft pretzels!)
Traffic going into Denver
80 minutes longer getting into Denver.

Wandered the 16th Street Mall downtown for an hour.
I love the Love Denver store.
End of Pride week brought out some pretty entertaining characters.
We could see the wildfire smoke even from Denver.
First Whole Foods was too small to properly stock up. The second worked JUST fine :-)
Thank god we brought the big cooler.
Our hotel is exactly like the Hotel SO in New Zealand, so bubble gum modern. Bright shiny plastic and more colors than Tokyo.
But the gym suits me just fine.
Our 5:30am leave time will come far too soon.

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