Monday, October 3, 2011

Yoga Challenge: Day 3 (Definitely a challenge)

Today has been a rough day. In more than a few ways. Tomorrow is a new day. But when it starts with a 5:30am lower body boot camp leading into a day of jury duty...something tells me tomorrow might not win any happy awards either.

I would love to pound out a really good, yogi philosophical, life is more than bad days post. Especially when its only day three of this challenge. But today, that's just not going to happen. It would be a massive lie.

So I am going to let someone else do it for me, and just hope that somehow it seeps from this keyboard into my own brain. Because I have had these exact thoughts before, during bad days, going into a yoga practice. And most of the time, it works. Most of the time.

Now that you are free, nothing else matters.
It is now just you and your breath and all the emptiness.
You have waited for something for so long, which has never come
but now you know it is time to let it all go.
Now it is just you and your heartbeat and nothing else matters.
You want everything and nothing from life
and everything around you is yours and nothing belongs to you.
Now you are free and nothing else matters.
You breathe and listen to the silence.


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