Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alley Oop Headstand! (Day 6)

So today I totally had a break through. Because of this new workout program I am on, I haven't been to a yoga class in too long. I can feel my muscles shortening and tightening, so finally tonight I got my butt to a class.

And I couldn't be happier about it. Not only was getting my stretch on fantastic, but Lindsay pulled kind of a random in class. She's usually very similar in her style, and very flow oriented, but tonight she gave us time to work on our head stands.

Here's where this went awesome. I am so used to going into headstands with my forearms on the ground and my hands cupped near the crown of my head (supported head stand). I've always just kicked up from there, against a wall, and then worked at getting my balance off of the wall. But it never really goes well. I can get straight up against the wall and hold against the wall all day, but pushing away to balance on my own, not so much.

But she had us enter into the pose differently. Start with a base of your head and hands on the ground, and basically go into crow, moving your knees to the backs of your arms. Then slowly lift your feet with more pressure on your hands and head. I have a balance problem with crow, but with my head on the ground, problem solved.

So head on ground, knees on elbows, toes up, BAM! Instant headstand. Wall not needed. That is right. I am amazing. A few tries later, I literally collapsed straight to the side rolling like a lump of dough. Ok, no longer amazing, but still progress!

This makes me happy. Happy birthday to me!

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