Thursday, October 6, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Bald Birthday Girl!

You know, I always wondered why people have parties for super little kids. It's not like you remember the party or the cake or the gifts. I mean, yeah, sure there are pictures, but you can totally stage that anyway. It's not like anyone would know, right?

However, when I look at this picture a bit closer, I see why this birthday party for me occurred.

You see, my dad's favorite dessert of all time is lemon cake. Not just regular square lemon cake, but lemon BUNDT cake. So take another quick peek at the picture and notice what kind of cakey goodness that candle has been placed upon. That's right! A LEMON BUNDT CAKE.

And a Mickey Mouse party hat? While I do appreciate that it is covering my still nearly bald head to hide me from follicle embarrassment, Disney is also a favorite of my father....I think I see a theme going here.

Although, my second observation leaves me curious. Who sends that many birthday cards to a one year old? I don't even get that many birthday cards now, and I would really like to think that I am at least slight more social in my mid twenties than I was at age one. Well, maybe not.

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