Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Last Day in Boston.

Our last day in Boston was a chance to check a few more things off our to do list.

Getting a stamp at the Saugus Ironworks National Park site.

Exploring the Sowa Market, which involved talking to a cop about driving the wrong way down a one way, buying orange cranberry bread, and sharing a delightful brie and pear grilled cheese from a food truck.

Our first (but definitely not last) Sunday Jazz brunch at Johnny D's.
Checking in to the Copley Plaza, and checking out our crazy room view.
Rock Your Asana yoga class at Back Bay Yoga. A solid two hour class that made me feel like I was a kindergartner yogi in a 6th grade yogi class. Talk about being out of my league. Whoa buddy.
A walk through the North End during Saint Anthony's Feast led to very long lines at the bakeries and some very interesting cash happenings in the streets. But dessert was still acquired....and smuggled into dinner.
Tim picked this restaurant for us to try over this visit. Mainly because they have beef wellington. He has been DYING to try beef wellington. Let's just say that he is STILL dying to have beef wellington. And that I am really glad desserts were in the bag waiting to be eaten back at the hotel.....
Good Night Boston. Every time I come back, it's like I never left. At first I am reminded of why I left, but by the time I leave, I don't want to go.

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