Saturday, December 11, 2010

Black Friday. Death to my wallet.

I had numerous games on Black Friday, so getting up at the buttcrack of dawn was not going to happen. (Let's be honest, it probably wouldn't have happened anyway), so my black Friday was spent pouring over Amazon's Lightning Deals. From my bed. In my pajamas. With my cats. Definitely a win.

A bigger plus was the haul that I got. Now, it might have all been for me, but Ill shop for everyone else later! Not off of Amazon. With more thought! But this was sheer impulse. Never a good thing for me. Oops ;-)

But in the end, I ended up with the following, (not including the breadmaker that my mom passed off to me two days before):

new earbuds (list price: $300. bought for $30)
new Asics running shoes
a toaster oven (hello kitty no longer will be making my toast)
Kitchen Aid stand mixer (I've craved for years)

Now, if you know my kitchen, you know my problem for the past four years. NOW add in 3 big appliances....

Later on I added two more pairs of running shoes to the pile as well as some swank UnderArmor socks from Dicks (but only because my Mommy and Daddy love me dearly) and some new Christmas Moose cat toys for Myla to annihilate.

And now we are going to Boston for four days? Over the Christmas Shopping Season? My wallet is screwed.

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