Friday, December 31, 2010

Places Slept.

Just like 2009 and 2008, I kept a list of all the locations I spent the night. It's interesting to remember the year in hotels or couches or even the backseats of vans....Although something tells me, 2011 won't be QUITE as dramatic as 2010.

Home: Cedar Falls, IA
2/20: Schaumburg, IL
3/12: Moline, IL
3/13-3/20: Buena Vista, FL (Disney)
3/26: St Louis, MO
3/27: Kansas City, MO
4/6: On Board above Pacific
4/8-4/10: Auckland City, North Island, NZ
4/11: Whangarei, North Island, NZ
4/12: Mount Maunganui, North Island, NZ
4/13: Palmerston North, North Island, NZ
4/14-4/15: Wellington, North Island, NZ
4/16: Christchurch, South Island, NZ
4/17: Dunedin, South Island, NZ
4/18: Te Anau, South Island, NZ
4/19: Wanaka, South Island, NZ
4/20: Westport, South Island, NZ
4/21: Picton, South Island, NZ
4/22: Napier, North Island, NZ
4/23: Rotorua, North Island, NZ
4/24-4/25: Hamilton, North Island, NZ
4/26: Takapuna, North Island, NZ
4/27-5/3: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
5/4-5/6: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
5/7-5/9: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
5/10-5/11: Uluru (Ayers Rock), Northern Territory, Australia
5/12-5/15: Cairns, Queensland, Australia
5/16: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
5/17: On Board above Pacific
7/16: West Des Moines, IA
8/1: Bloomington, MN
8/12-8/15: Boston, MA
8/19-8/23: San Francisco, CA
10/2: St Paul, MN
12/12-14: Boston, MA

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flutietootie said...

Looks like you are getting around. Enjoy the rest of your travels.