Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sydney the Snuggler.

I have never met a cat so completely uncaring as to what people do to it. Sydney is the most recent addition to the Nordyke household (my parents). Dropped off in a box with his sister, the people claiming that it came from my parent's wild cats. But later on, totally not possible. Mom took a liking to them, naming them Sydney and....I don't remember his sister, she got eaten by a raccoon because my mother made them stay outside.
(note that his paws are as big as my wrists)

Well, after the raccoon's feast, my mom took pity on Sydney and brought him inside for good. That cat has grown to the size of Texas. When stretched, he's probably as long as my arms. And he purrs at everything. Attention is demanded all the time, by rolling on the ground and looking cute. My brother carries him around like a baby doll, and that cat still looks pleased as punch! What a weirdo. Sometime I'll have to be over there during breakfast, when he apparently perches his huge body on my dad's shoulder waiting for the cereal milk.....

Uluru! That was his sister! Cause she was reddish orange like Uluru Rock. If only Mom had let her stay inside....

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