Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Call Out!

Ok kids, I am not one to do something like this, mainly because some of you could be creepy murderers (because clearly this blog is an attraction for the killing type). But I have this adoration of Christmas and all of the fun cheesiness that said holiday brings. Including Christmas cards. I actually take quite pride in mine. Scouring the year, finding the best bits and pieces, getting everything all pretty and sparkly.

I also quite enjoy receiving Christmas cards, getting to see what people deem the best part of their years or how the families look in their soul Christmas photo. As well as the card itself, from homemade (I wish I had that kind of time) to the Thomas Kinkade cottages or silly kitties with milkstaches.

So in the spirit of holiday pen pal-ishness, I would love to send anyone who wants one a Christmas card. In hopes of getting one of your own in return. I promise not to sell your address to any car companies (seriously, stop with the sales ads already) as long as you don't do anything creepy with mine.

You can either leave me a message here with your address, or email it to me:

Maybe I should go find some stamps.... :-)


junebug said...

I would so do this but my cards go out sometime between Jan. and June. My friends and family make bets on when my New Year's card and letter will arrive. I got too many complaints last time I got them out in December. I feel I am one of the only people who loves to read everyone's Christmas letters.

Dolly said...

Hey Claire, thanks for your comment about my crazy cat.
I'm trying to figure out how you stumbled upon my blog. I don't see any mutual reads or friends. And you've been reading for a while right? Well, I'm slow.
What a fun idea to send cards to your readers. I would send you one of mine, but I ran out. That's what happens when you're staying on budget.

DeMo said...

I'd send mine but it doesn't exist. It would only talk about how many weddings I've been to this fall.