Sunday, December 12, 2010

December = Dramas in Traveling.

The snow hits. It had rained most of the morning, ok, I can handle that.
11:00am, the snow just starts pounding down. And doesnt stop. The wind kicks up. And doesn't slow. Our flight leaves at 6am the next morning, we decide to go down to Cedar Rapids after I'm done with work around 10. Priceline a hotel for $50.

2:00 I head to work and start to worry bigtime. It takes extra time to get the four blocks to work. The drive to Cedar Rapids might be too much. Let alone the fact that we are flying through Detroit....

4:30 I get a text from Tim while I'm working that our flight has been cancelled. But we are on a 1:30pm flight. Well, there goes $50 and the entire Sunday afternoon we had planned in Boston (our original flight was supposed to get in at 12:15, now its 7:30) Cue my breakdown. It's small, but its an entire afternoon, and we only have so much time as it is.

Sometime between 7 and 9, still at work, Tim texts that he got us a flight from Des Moines at 11:30am, we still don't get there until 6:30ish, BUT its not through Detroit, its through Memphis, which is way more likely to actually get us out on time than somewhere that got even more snow than us. Now the catch is that our return flight is into Cedar Rapids, so we can't take a car to Des Moines. Tim gives our two options. My parent's are still in Chicago for the weekend, so that leaves his mom, or Nate, who was going back down later in the day anyway. Clearly I would like to have my sanity after five minutes, so I opt the Nate route. He graciously (thank you a million times over) lets us get his butt up before dawn to brave the GUSTS of wind and drifts to make it to Des Moines in time.

6:40am Nate shows up, and it takes us a good fifteen minutes to just get out of town. Drifts are bad, wind is bad. We all think are are insane. But about half an hour in, the roads start to clear. The wind didn't die down, but we are able to kick up from 30mph to a bit faster. By the time we get to Story City we are going 65. No problem. What's that mean? Breakfast break!

9:20am We make it to the DM airport. Check is is busy, but easy. Security is a breeze. Play the waiting game at the gate with my beloved internet.

11:30-takeoff. Takeoff and landing were rough. Probably one of the roughest I've been a part of. The wind gusts were still strong. Tim might have some bruises from my grip. He'll live. I'm just glad I lived! Ugh, I hate flying.

1:00pm We land. Awesome. We get through the Memphis airport, snag some KILLER bbq pork sandwich to share since dinner won't be til 8ish. It was fantastic. Feelin good, even though I know takeoff won't be easy. And then.

The lady gets on the intercom to what i think will be announce boarding. Only its not. Its to say that there is a two hour delay. Straight off the bat, due to Logan. I wanted to scream. ARGH. 4:30 wheels up time. So now, this puts us in even later than if we had made the 1:30 flight and gotten to sleep in (granted, that flight was cancelled too, so its moot, but still!). I was pissed. Got some internet, ready to hunker down, fully expecting them to make it even later a delay eventually. This is why we don't fly into Logan late. They get BACKED up. So now. 9 hours behind.

3:00. Half hour after our supposed take off, lady gets back to tell us that its still a 4:30 wheels up. Midsentence. Pauses. Says that we are going to begin boarding now. i could have skipped to Boston with how happy I was. So pumped.

3:45, takeoff. Rough takeoff. But i expected it. More bruises to Tim's limbs. But on the way to Boston!!!! With a 7pm ETA. Super rough landing. Clutching for my life. Grabbed our bags straight from the belt, got a taxi and zoomed on in.

Tim hasn't been here for a year and a half, while for me its only been four months, so its a bit crazier for him. Checked in to the hotel, only to straight back out, into the pouring rain. I couldnt be any happier walking in te pouring rain down to Fanueil Hall. Tim wanted Cheers, but after being seated changed our minds, ate an obligatory chowder and then went over to Bertuccis for caprese salad. Midwest, learn it. Its not that hard.

CVS run for waters and breakfast for tomorrow. And now I am going to crash. Hard. And I already feel fat....oops.

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