Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Homeless, but not Friendless.

I decided in San Francisco that I would give $1 to every homeless person that I saw with a pet. San Francisco has more homeless than I have ever seen, and I am well traveled enough that I have seen my fair share. But its not only the mass numbers, but its the level of living they are at. It's not like the Boston homeless, where most are living in the real world, just on the streets. But in SF, they are in their own realm of reality...totally off the wall.

I digress, the ones with pets break my heart. It seems as though these pets are their whole lives, all they have to live for. Everyone in town here knows the story of the man who rode his bike around Cedar Falls, with his dog in the back of his bike. He loved that dog and was never without it. Well, the dog died, but someone was gracious enough to give the man another dog. But soon after, the man gave the new dog to someone he knew to take care of it for a bit...and no one has really seen him since. Sad.

But yes, its as if those people will feed their pets before themselves. Every time I gave the dollar and asked to pet their furry friend, they would be so happy and tell me all about their animal, its name, its story. Every time. *sigh* And I know that that pet probably leads just as happy as a life with so much love as my own kitties, but still.

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