Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Mom and the Meat.

The date on the back of this picture is November 26, 1987. A Connecticut Thanksgiving. It just seems appropriate this week, since this past Monday, there was just as big of a spread as Thanksgiving on the labor day lunch table. There was so much ridiculously tasty food. Yum. Slow roasted pork (17 hrs via Tim), 3 veggie salads, homemade bread, party potatos, brownies, pumpkin pie, and lemon cake. Cue drooling.

HOWEVER, no such hairstyle was present at this holiday weekend, neither was a turtleneck...thank god.

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Anonymous said...

I'm positive you don't want to hear this- but you look SO MUCH like your mom in this photo. OMG. I mean of course with better hair and wardrobe. But seriously This could be YOU in this picture! Crazy.