Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fat and Fakin It

I don't know if I would go as far as to say that I'm a gym rat, but I feel like I am there enough to no longer be considered a poser. And now that I have the Legit Gym User status, the people that don't, drive me INSANE. I mean really, quit fooling yourself, you are just wasting your time and blocking my use of the bike with the good head phone jack.

This past week has been a great example of nearly every pet peeve I have at the gym, including:

-wearing button down collared shirts (ex. the Mayor wearing Hawaiian print)
-unlaced shoes
-shoes not meant for working out, Chucks, designer "tennis shoes"
-jeans (ESPECIALLY during yoga. Denim does not stretch people)
-being drenched in cologne (I should not choke for minutes after you walk by, breathing is rather important during cardio)
-elaborate jewelry
-long hair being worn down (if you arent sweating enough for that to be annoying, you shouldnt be there)

And this doesnt even begin to actually start my annoyances with using the equipment, like the guy that treats the rehab bike like its a normal bike despite the HUGE clacking "Im breaking" noise with each foot push......

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