Monday, January 11, 2010

Them Newfangled Moving Pictahs!

I have seen quite a few awesome movies in the theater recently, which is surprising because I feel like there was a LONG good movie draught. But both Sherlock Holmes and Daybreakers quenched my entertaining movie thirst over the past month. And I will totally admit that my taste in movies does not even come close to rivaling those that attended school with. I don't need cinematic breakthroughs or political agendas or iconic directing to blow me out of the water, I just want it to keep my attention, entertain me, and have me not look at my watch from opening credit to ending credit.

Which is why, when asked by a friend of mine, an aspiring film critic, to send in my top 10 favorite of the decade, I was hesitant. I saw so many dramatic films in school, that I figured my list of cheese puff popcorn films would be an embarassment. Plus, a lot of these make me seem like a 12 year old girl. But frankly, not everyone went to film school, and almost all on my list did great at the box office, so I'm not crazy! Let me know if you agree. Poll on the side -->

1. Nochnoy dozor: The sleeper hit of the decade, very few saw this Russian beauty, but everyone should. Breakthrough in its vision, an epic story, just freakin sweet.

2. Mummy II: Just as good as the first, if not better, since they finally realized that Brendan Fraser doesn't do drama....

3. Blade Trinity: Vampires, Ryan Reynolds, and Jessica Biel. Its like watching hotness for an hour and a half.

4. Shawn of the Dead: Rampant beating of a Vampire set to Queen. Instant success, but everything else makes it classic.

5. Garden State: This movie might as well have been on constant repeat my entire years of college.

6. Live Free or Die Hard: Bruce Willis, Justin Long, and Kevin Smith?! Who woulda thought.....

7. Harry Potter: I can't not love how amazingly brought to life the books have become. I never thought it would match up to
the images in my head, but its creepily dead on.

8. Princess Diaries: I am so ashamed, I refuse to comment, but I still love and adore this movie. It has Julie Andrews!

9. Serenity: Joss Whedon is my television hero. And here he is on the silver screen. Mix in some Nathan Fillion, and you have my heart.

10. National Treasure: Because Tom Hanks sucked up the other Mason based movie of the decade.

I would just like to add that two of my favorite movies of all time JUST missed the cut of 2000. Silly 1999....The Mummy, Boondock Saints, and 10 Things I Hate about You. The Saint was a few years off as well. Bah!

Thoughts and opinions blogging world? What were a few of your favorites of the decade? Take the poll on the side -->

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DeMo said...

I think I will have to add Nochnoy Dozor to my list. I would have said Princess Diaries is my fave, but Anne Hathaway sort of gets on my nerves in that movie (Julie Andrews is great -- agreed).