Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Wind Caused Delay?

Wow, long overdue post. The week before Christmas (I know, it seems like AGES ago) the Nordyke fam with Tim and I in tow, made the trek to Chicago, with the main reason of seeing Cirque Du Soleil's new show, Banana Shpeel. We left Saturday morning (basketball game the night before), and journeyed through the cold snow to be met by the most glorious, meat in tube shaped meal EVER. My personal favorite, Portillos Hot Dogs. Checked into our hotel downtown, snapped a pic with my brother (best bro/sis pic ever) and we went to see the show.

Let me make myself clear, I adore Cirque shows. I have seen more than I can count on one hand. Some more than once. Everytime I see one, its beautiful and entertaining, and its well worth the traveling to see them. So believe me when I say, that this was the WORST show ever. Even if it wasn't part of Cirque I would have thought so. Wasn't funny, there was no talent, there were no tricks, the cast sucked, it was just bad. I would have walked out at intermission, but Dad was determined that it might get better (it didn't, but there was a pretty Russian pole dancer dude!). That's that story.

We dined on a great meal at McCormick and Schmicks, but the highlight was when mom ordered a "Chocolate Box" dessert, and this GINORMOUS hunk of chocolate filled with mousse was served. No joke, the chocolate alone had to weigh several pounds.

Next day, the Chicago German Christmas Market, oh Olliebollen, I love you.....

A less than quick stop at the giant Gap store downtown, Macys, and a Portillos lunch later, we were on the road!

Stopped in Galena on the way back, Tim had never been, and it had been years since I had been. Visited the Cannery and had a MILLION and a half samples. Hit up a few other shops, wishing we had a kitchen three times the size of our current one, and finally arrived back home. A quick jaunt, but everyone knows its just nice to get out of town sometimes....

(Above) Portillos Glory, Mom and Dad outside the theatre, the view from our hotel room!
(Below) Infamous Chocolate Box, Chris&Dad at Christmas Market, Sampling Haven!

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