Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clients From Hell.

Little tidbits from the tumblr "Clients From Hell" (Makes me glad I don't really deal with people....):

Client: “That font right there!  It’s clean yet edgy.  There’s no WAY I’ve seen that font before, I would’ve remembered!  What font is that?”
Me: “Arial.”

Client: I need to get moving, anyway you can do some work on this on your vacation. That’s a long vacation, I bet you’ll get bored anyway, and this is back-and-forth via email, not phone, so it shouldn’t cause you any stress..

Client: “I have a great idea, and I’d like to bring you on board as a partner.”
Me: “Go on..”
Client: “It’s great.  I want to recreate Google, but make it better.”
Me: “How?”
Client: “Well that’s where your expertise comes in.”

Client: That other website is stealing our business. Can you make it so that when someone types in their address they come to our site?

There are about a billion more.... check out the awesome!

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