Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 3: Colorado Wanderlust

Despite every class being on "Wanderlust"  time they sure are nazis about where you put your mat. 

Joel Kramer:
Pusher- gets to a goal by ignoring bodily feedback
Essentialist- has a goal, but listens to body, plugs in to bodily feedback
Basically we all need to balance ego with kindness.

"Grin on your chin is more important than your chin on your shin" - Eoinn Finn

Eoin was a cold water surfer up in Canada, so he has a hard time hearing, and someone told him they were on the pale diet, but he heard pale ale diet. "I'm not losing any weight…but I don't give a shit" (while slurring).

On the topic of teaching and money, "As a yoga teacher, you'll make tens of dollars. Plenty of green in the forest, not in the pocket"

Eoin spent a full month in NYC, and made it a goal to make eye contact with one single person in the subway. It was not accomplished. 

Fun fact: In medieval times, people were punished by the rest of society refusing to give them eye contact. It proved more punishing than even banishment.

"Replace tightness with lightness"

"Keep your clown chakra open"

"You gotta let the wahoo side be bigger than the oh shit side"

Eoin had us partner up and do handstands. Not my forte. Beyond not my forte, I can't do them unsupported and getting into a supported one terrifies me. My partner struggled a bit, but was successful. My turn comes and I think I'm going to kick the girl in the face. And then I feel Eoin basing me, ready for kick back. I float and there I am. Floating on my palms. Holla that.

Next he calls out forearm stands, I get excited cause I think they are fun, but that's not saying I can do them any better than handstands. Nevertheless, he sees my excitement and calls me into the middle mat of a group of 50 Wanderlusters, most far more accomplished than I. Crap. Here it goes. Set up dolphin. Pressure on forearms. Lock shoulder girdle. Float feet. Heels pushed to sky. I could have burnt a hole in the ground as hard as I was focusing on it. But I did. And I held. Eoin's hands went away and I got a solid five seconds before I got so excited that I lost all focus and landed. That's a win right there. 

If you are ever told about a pose entitled IT Love. It does NOT love your IT….its a LIE!!!!

In Blissology, its all about loving everyone and loving life. You always start class by hugging someone. And you can end class with a puppy pile savasana. And I love every part of it. 

When you are at a yoga festival, there is nothing held against anyone. Find a partner means no awkwardness or self conscious behavior but smiles and love and a new friend to sweat all over ;-) 

It also means in Love Revolution with MC Yogi, that my partner Daniel and I did a half rotating squat holding hands so fast that there were full moments of complete suspension not holding on to anything and it was fabulous…..until the quad cramps kicked in from severe lack of oxygen at mountain level. 

Amanda (MC's wife) led part of the sequence, and it got to this crazy part in the playlist, and she had all of us (several hundred) literally jumping up and down and dancing all over the place for a solid two minutes (check back with that whole lack of oxygen in the mountains thing) so we had blood pumping, hearts racing, near pass out energy going, and then all of a sudden she yells out TREE! And with amazing balance and grace just lands and pulls into a perfect tree pose. We all chuckled for about half a second before we realized we were expected to do the same after such sheer chaos. Following suit, it created a very weird group energy. 

Theres always the guy, at the very front of the stand by line, that has been then FAR before the second person in line, and he always feels the need to inform everyone of information they already know. But very rarely, does this guy stop the guest of honor (MOBY HIMSELF in this case, as if he was trying to cut the line). Oops. Little egg on your face there buddy….

Moby totally outted this guy Eddie, who had a mohawk, who used to sell drugs to NYU students. And that was only the beginning of his fascinating stories. And yet, somehow, it always wrapped around to the theme of using music to heal (kinda). 

But it was hilarious because he had just taken the class that I had taken with Eoin, and he felt "like he was on a special k bender" but "trust me, I'm fine to sit" 

"70s jazz is just musical masterbation"

I gotta admit, hearing that Moby's favorite movie is Southpark, was quite surprising. 

"Is that coffee? This is what recovering alcoholics do. Oh god. I just want to look at it"

Fun fact: Playing music in waiting rooms and operating rooms reduces recovery time by distinguishable amounts. 

Fun Fact #2: Stroke victims, when played their favorite song from before the stroke, they will be able to sing and dance along, despite complete physical immobility otherwise. 

Fun Fact #3: Music therapy given to those with early onset alzheimers, have the possibility of being completely discharged.

"Stress hormones aren't good when you're waiting in line at Whole Foods. What mother fucker can't figure out it's their turn to pay for their tofu cups?!" - Moby

"I shouldn't like that shitty Britney Spears song, but we do" - Moby

"That was his name, Mr. Buddha, he's in the yellow pages" - Moby

Moby's life advice. Don't do it because someone says to. Don't dismiss because someone says to. You know you. 

"Does anyone do public speaking here? Do you ever finish and wonder, I have no idea what I just said?" - Moby

"Do you know the band Pantera? Sometimes I listen to Pantera and it just calms me down… " - Moby

Apparently approximately 10,000 people attended Wanderlust Colorado this year. 

"My problem isn't that drugs are bad, its that they're way too good" - Moby

Moby ended the amazingly energetic and upbeat session with a story about a barber who had his arms cut off by a gang who wanted money. It ended positively…well, as positive as an amputee story can get? 

This by far has been the best day. Totally floating on blissful cloud nine. My body feels good, my mind feels good. Everything. Is. Good. 

US Bank loves to black out my debit cards. ALL THE TIME. Ugh. 

When your last session ends at 5, but Moby concert doesn't start until 10:30, you feel like you should nap, but yet, you feel like you shouldn't too. Cunundrum. 

Moby concerts make everyone else melt away and all you want to do is move. Bass beat in your bones and move.

Cops were busting people left and right for glass bottles, but then you walked outside and theres a ton of people smoking weed and the cops just stand there and chill.

Knee twisted. Beer on my feet. Collapsed arches. Drenched. Best time. Completely had. 

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