Saturday, July 6, 2013

Getting To & Wanderlust Colorado Day One!

Driving to Wanderlust Colorado! We will skip the first ten hours. Because Nebraska SUCKS. 

Copper Mountain!!!My Colorado home.

Shopped inside the d'Om. Thank God there wasn't too much unique stuff, I'd have been so screwed. But we came out with a single piece for me and a single piece for Tim. I consider this success!

Vendors with free food will always be the favorite.

Budokon Yoga: Floating and Inversions- Cameron Shayne was late, so Matt Giordano subbed.

Sweet class, learned some new techniques for poses like high lunge, chair, pigeon, side crow (although that one got about 10x harder) and how to drag toes for floating. 

And there will for sure be introduction of the real cobra into my classes. Inchworm butt! So will "heart up to thumbs" instead of twisting.

"Lift your pinky toes if you want to experience God" -Matt Giordono

In my 15 minute break, Tim brought me my sandwich before I ate a skinny yogi chick.

AcroYoga is always fun, but how much fun relies completely on your partner(s).

Cole from Lulu was fabulous and energetic, but Nicole from Jersey was tiny tiny tiny. Sunburnt Jen was an amazon and rather pushy.

Charlotte was my second amazon, but the first to fly me in the class and holy cow that lady had LEGS, it's just too bad this ADD kid was our spotter and he acted like a coke head. 

But I learned some new group work and a bunch of new partner poses: double plank child's pose, knees on back lifts, and throne.

Plus at the end they led us through some short Thai massage and there's an outter shin technique to die for....

After quite the time outside, and nowhere near enough water intake and the sun and yoga had put my head in quite the vice. And since I've done Thai massage before and I feel like I myself would have been the sucky partner, I opted to skip out.

So Tim and I walked around the Village getting all the cool stuff at vendors. Toyota had a cool tent to get screen printed bags, engraved key tags, make your own mat cleaner, make your own granola, and get pictures taken. It was a fun walk around the village collecting goodies.

Mini retreat to the room before we found this sweet seemingly secluded path along the stream towards the back of Copper. 

 Opening ceremonies at the lake, the Quixotic Fusion fire dancers, were fine, but I was far more enthralled with the violinist and drummer. Soothing and engaging and they just sucked you in COMPLETELY. 

The Wanderlust Spectacular was the night cap of the evening, if only we weren't so exhausted. Cameron Shayne is an animal. A pure muscular intense animal. Its inhuman. His eyes and his structure. Indescribable. But we also got to see Matt and Chelsey do acro and all the other instructors do their thing with MC Yogi as the MC (shocking). 

Sadly, we lasted only about 40 of the 90 minutes. Yoga in the mountains is exhausting!

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