Friday, July 19, 2013

Wanderlust Colorado Day Two!

Day 2 @ Wanderlust

You'd think yogis would be punctual. Not so much.

7 Ways to Rock your Cortisol taught by an integrative physician/yoga teacher. More about stress relief. Not my thing.

But getting to sit on the floor on pillows with pillow backrests? I can listen for an hour.

Random fact: Alzheimer's starts in your 20s.

I'm sorry, but no matter what you say, I don't believe that my iPhone camera can measure my heart rate.

Beastie Yogi w/ MC Yogi &DJ Drez- yoga class led by MC Yogi, spun by DJ Drez set entirely to Beastie Boys mashups and MC Yogi songs and b-boy samples

To Enter the Center
You can taste the nectar
But to enter the Center
You must surrender

200 people waving their hands in the air is cool.
200 people doing downward dog and waving their feet in the air is awesome.

"Don't bump into anyone's Lululemon"

Its unbelievably easy to groove to hip hop during yoga sequencing.

Am I the only one that has never thought about twisting to each side in standing yoga mudra?

At the end MC Yogi called us all up to the front to take a family picture. Something about that, just makes me happy.

Guiding Empowering Yoga was supposed to be a class for teachers to help with sequencing and whatnot. It was not. It was a a flow sequence that had poses I have never heard of in my life. It wasn't what I wanted, but I came out with enough that it wasn't total loss.

The lady next to me was from England and now teaches yoga to parolees with swastika tattoos.

All the ladies love that Tim is not only here, but actually doing yoga too.

Live music propelling class is happiness inducing.

I have hamstring death. There is also a death that involves the top of your foot bearing into your plushy arch, and it makes me go OWWWWW.

There is a sun salutation that involves rolling like a ball. I dig.

I totally concurred big toe grab side plank extend leg today. This makes me proud.

Tonight we braved outside of Copper and went to the Mexican joint in Frisco, and as always, it was delicious.

There is such a thing as "Wanderlust" time.

MC Yogi bounces on trampolines and makes me smile. Great mini concert. And then, came the happiest picture in awhile.


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