Monday, February 6, 2012

A rollercoaster of an NLXF week.

I gotta say, the beginning of this week's NLXF is a lot better than last week. I have been meaning to write a whole post about my addiction and life orienting NLXF, but its still in the works. Alas, you'll just have to deal with my highs and lows of last week.

5:30am class had pissed off Ryan so he was in a horrible mood. We suffered for it, but it was only slightly.
Second to last burn out set of the day, I was throwing a right roundhouse and completely rolled my ankle. Not just a little bit, but so far over that I couldn't balance on it on the hop into the roundhouse and just totally crumpled to the ground. Pain I can deal with, the fear of having to take a few days off of class is NOT acceptable.

Ankle was weak and wobbly, but good enough to work on. 5:30 had pissed off Ryan so much again that there was no stretch, no warm up, straight into the work out. And I thought I was going to die. It was walk in at 6:30 in the morning, completely cold body and into suicide squats. I was pissed. Plus his mood was so filled with angst and vindictiveness that my anger just grew the whole class. And I sure wasn't the only one. People were livid.

Ryan was finally back to himself.
I had quite the "clouds opening up" philosophical moment that lasted the whole class. A section of the boot camp was racing steps. And I know that I focus so hard on them that it has a tendency to slow me down. I know this because when I let go of my brain and just go, I can fly a lot faster through them. Its like I think the step is going to jump out from under me or I am going to miss it or something. At the one moment, it just ran through my brain, "The step will always be there. The step will never change" You'd think I was in the asylum as much as I was chanting that in my head through class. And even the next day, going through bags, the bag will always be there. Trust that it will, and hit it harder.

Before class even started, I had the joy of hearing a Gretta story revolving around her desire to be body slammed by Creed. Even if it was in punishment for telling future classes about the workout. She might be the single most entertaining source possible at 6am. Her completely out there in the open crushes on both Creed and Ryan and how they make her "swoon" is enough to make anyone laugh. Not to mention the looks on her face when Ryan tells us to watch his hips (a very happy look) or when he announces Burpee pyramids (this one is usually accompanied by silent profanities).

For some reason, I had done a total 180 since Monday and I was just able to go to town during the Gauntlet. I killed it. I had more power in both hits and kicks than I have in a long time. Creed called me out by name four times in an hour, with an "atta baby" attached to each one. Its his catch phrase, but that many. I knew it wasn't one of those faux encouragements. Even with a less than stellar Week 5 (of this particular session, not overall) weigh in, I was feeling pretty good.

Only growing my ego more when I walked in for my second class of the day at 9:15, and Creed told me before we walked into class, "Clare, you're an animal. No, you are, and you know why." Which then proceeded into yet another bag slaughter session.

Beast mode. Success. Now just to buckle down this carb and sugar intake in the next five weeks. For some reason, my self control the past few weeks has been lower than it has in years. I've gained seven pounds since New Years. And that better stop!

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