Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'll admit, its been far too long since I've gone to yoga. I have just gotten so sick of the "fauxga" that this town has to offer me. I could only do the mediocre practices for so long. I've been missing it and craving it though. And my body has been screaming for it for a few weeks now.

So today, when I got the chance to take a workshop, I jumped on it. Especially when it was being led by the teacher that I had been doing some research on last summer in taking my certification courses with. But his intensive landed in the middle of my Africa trip, and with athletic season, the 9 month course just wasn't really an option. Not so much the timing of the weekends, but the fact that they are held two hours away and I would be doing a massive amount of driving.

ANYWAYS. When I heard he was the teacher, I was itching to see if I would even mesh with him. There are plenty of instructors that you just know, right away, that there is no way you could spend 200 hours of instruction with them. Especially in such a close contact activity of yoga practice. And if you tried, forget zen, you would end up punching them in the face.

But the workshop was great. I had a little ADD problem in the beginning, it having been awhile since I actually had to focus and be still. Not to mention the screaming sensation from my shoulder girdle and chest that I got. Apparently lifting weights doesn't do much to open the heart center? ;-)

We ended the practice with gong meditation. Now, I know, total eye roll. How much more hippie can you get? I thought the same thing, I was just ready to chill in savasana until class was over. But with the first strike, and the vibrations that just hit you. I was sold. I have no idea how long we laid there. 3 minutes or 30. But I was so relaxed and zen that I could have laid there all day, not a single muscle twitching and letting those vibrations just wash over and relax me even more. *sigh*

But besides the amazing feeling I walked out with physically, I was also rereminded how much I want to get trained. Know more, be able to explain more, and be better. And I think James might just be the guy to do it. His fiancee was his demonstrator and if he taught her to do that, I think he has the right idea going. Plus his style and overall personality were a good fit. I like him. I could learn from him without getting frustrated. He has another intensive this July. I think I have a little bit of looking into that to do….. :-)


R- said...

What is "fauxga" compared to "yoga"?

...also the "prove you're not a robot text" just asked me to type something in Hebrew -luckily refreshing it changed it back to English. Weird!

Clare & Tim said...

It's when people who don't actually quite know what they are doing are the teachers. Or are doing it for work out sake only and not taking it to the place it needs to go internally as well as the external.

Basically its a lot of sun salutations, lunges, downward dogs, and ab work. And it drives me INSANE.