Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine's Recap.

Our Valentine's this year was pretty spanned out over a few days. Well. Really we just ate a lot over the week and wanted something to blame it on.

The first event was a Valentines Pilates class at NRG. I think Tim was a bit tentative considering he's not exactly Mr. Pilates, but Jack and Nicky did a great job of making it easy for everyone. We did a bunch of different partner stuff for the actual class, but afterwards was the chocolate and wine tasting. I think they know how to cater to their audience! ;-) It was a lot of fun though, between a lot of silly pilates and super tasty chocolate, it was a good time for sure. I'm not even a wine fan, but the chocolate cherry wine wasn't anything to scoff at!

Next was Art House Cafe's Pop Up restaurant, Chao. It was their second Asian themed pop up, but the first one we've attended, and also the first one we've attended at the actual cafe. The atmosphere was good, as was the DJ they had playing, although I totally would have wanted him to play more (somehow I think we were there during the long break). But the food was a little lack luster. Most of the courses were good for what they were, but nothing extravagant. Also, everything involved a lot of rice. Produce was pretty much non existent. I just needed a little something fresh and not fried or rice. Or in dessert, BOTH fried and rice. I'm really not even sure what he was thinking. See above. A total cluster...Some sort of fried rice that was dry and flavorless, pomegranate, blue jello, and a few lychee pieces. Very very confusing....

The day before Valentine's Day, I played baker and made my parents some tasty treats. Dad got a lemon cake that was supposed to be pink, but a lack of enough red food coloring made for a very awkward flash tone cake. At least it still tasted like lemon? And Mom got a delivery of handmade chocolate covered strawberries. I gotta say, usually they look a lot more lumpy than this.....

On the actual day, we hit up Newton's for a five course dinner. And because I feel like that night already wasted too many precious hours of my life (3.5 hours is too long on a week night) I will keep this short. Course one was a beet and goat cheese salad. I learned, I do not like beets. They taste like dirt. Second course was one shrimp, one oyster, and a dice sized piece of salmon. Third was a slice of pork and a yellow pepper. Fourth, this teepee of lamb and mashed potatoes. It looks pretty, and by this time I was so hungry that I didn't really taste anything as I shoveled it in my mouth.
Last was a "innovative" dessert. That was a take on the cherry bomb shot, only made in jello form? With some ice cream. It was kind of weird, not horrible, but to me, Valentines Day is for chocolate!

I'll admit, we sat there from 7 to 10:30 and yet, afterwards, we will picked up a pizza from DoJo because we were still hungry. Not the best experience.....maybe we'll learn? There was a highlight though, the couple next to us was having quite the fight. They kept the volume down, but the content of their conversation and the tone of it were hilariously pissed off. And I quote, "People that call you a ho, would call me a pimp" Enough said.

And to close out, three of the furry loves of my life all snuggling together. I'm Pandora is in the bathroom, wrestling with the shower curtain....

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