Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mind Spew.

Today's thoughts come from the fact that this is the second night in a row that Tim has worked extra late.

1) I saw Frau walking on 12th today. That woman has clearly made a deal with the devil and cheated death.

2) Sometimes its scary when I realize how little doctors know. Going to Africa takes a lot of medications. Doctor #1 gave me azithromycin, saying that cipro wasn't broad enough and wouldn't work. Doctor #2 said the exact opposite, that cipro would kill everything and the other was super restricted in working. Ugh. Although Doctor #1 also tried to give me several pointless injections as well, sooo.... Doctor #2 it is. Extra bonus points to him because he gives me Xanax.

3) I got my car back from it getting fixed. Someone backed into it and basically the entire door needed replacing, but yet, when I got it fixed, the sealing wasn't sealing, there is a GIANT portion of paint missing, and there is a grinder scratch in the back door. They've always done such a good job, way to totally slack on that one. But I should be getting my new car next week sometime. Which leads me into....

4) My dad got called by the dealer who is looking for my new car today. To explain that was supposed to be blue, is really a charcoal gray. That's fine, Charcoal is dealable. Silver is not. Not the point though. Apparently the lister of the cars for the dealership is colorblind, and basically all the cars are listed as the wrong color. You would think that they'd have someone else do that part.....

BUT THEN. I got a call back from my dad saying that this charcoal car isn't even meant for me at all. Somehow my dealer had left the other dealership (seller) with the WRONG car. The seller said gave it to them, said it was the right one, and let them take it out of the state all the way back here. Vin numbers don't match. Totally wrong car. Crazy careless much?

5) Without a diagram, its virtually impossible to explain this story in full, but I shall summarize as best as I can. Car parked in a no parking zone. And even if it was, it would be parallel parking, but the car is angle parked, halfway in the street, in the red zone, and inside is a 90 year old woman eating a sandwich without a care in the world. Like, "Oh! Im hungry for tuna melt, let me pull over RIGHT HERE" People should have to take a yearly driving test after the age of 70. Suck it up old people, it takes 15 minutes, if you can't wait that long, you shouldn't be driving anyway.

6) I am currently starting my fifth episode of the night of Ally McBeal. Something tells me at least six is likely, possibly seven.

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