Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Easterific.

Easter as a little kid posed quite the cunundrum. For me, the going to church part was no biggie, that happened every weekend (and several days during the week too), but on Easter, it meant wearing a dress. Not just any dress, but a dress that you had to go do special shopping for so it was brand new for the holiday. And usually it meant there had to be a flowery hat to go with it. This is probably the only picture my mother has of me smiling in a dress before the age of 18. It just didn't coincide together, smiles and dresses. I hated them. Shopping for them was just as bad. Uncomfortable and everybody looking at you, and ugh. I just wasn't a fan.

So you sit through church in your stupid dress, sit through Sunday school, doing whatever Eastery craft they gave you to do, which when you would see it 15 years later, you would realize just how morbid all Easter crafts are from Sunday school. But then you have to go eat food with your entire family, food that as a small child, just really isnt your cup of tea. Roast? Vegetables? Sauces? Salads? Just give me a chocolate bunny and a hot dog people!

But the upside, at least in my family, was the Easter basket. As long as I can remember, so Im not sure if this was the case as a super small kiddo, but when you woke up, the Easter Bunny had delivered your basket to your room, and you could go through all the candy and small trinket gift things as soon as you woke up, giving mom and dad extra time to wake up and not be bothered by, "WAAAAKKKEEE UPPPP IM BORED!" And Easter candy is better than Halloween candy, let's be honest. Its in fun and bright colors, animal and springy shapes, and just in general more awesome. Halloween candy is the same candy you find year round, Easter candy is only found in season.

PS. Tim bought Peeps today, and they were wolfed down like they were weight loss pills given to Kirstie Alley

But yes. That's Easter. Now, I dress myself (No flower hats) and I dig the food and family time a lot more (Chunky foodie, right here!). Although I can't say I would turn down an Easter-y craft if offered...

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