Sunday, April 17, 2011

A FULL weekend.

Things that made me happy this weekend:
New (to me) flat screen for the bedroom
Getting past a tough spot in Nancy Drew
Various items dipped in Nutella
16.5 mile run today
Sweating nine gallons during hot yoga yesterday
Delicious dill mushrooms and raisin spinach
Working on friend's birthday gifts
20 mile bike ride
French toast and eggs at Newtons with the family
Borders going out of business sale
Paying $8 for my Cipro meds
Skyline, Ninja Assassin, Gullivers Travels, and Marmaduke
Copious episodes of Ally McBeal
Baked Trevor muffins
Chipotle Burrito Bowl and cheesecake
A happy weight on the scale this morning
Relaxed muscles
A lot of Tucker Max's audio book

Things that made me unhappy:
Gas prices
Typhoid pills make me sick
Olivia broke a bowl
Tomorrow is Monday

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