Friday, April 8, 2011

Kwambekenya: A Call for Help.

Spring is here! Which means it’s almost summer, and almost time for me to make yet another crazy adventure happen. This one is quite different than all of the others so far though.

Some of you may know that my mother has been lucky enough to take several mission trips over to Kwambekenya, Kenya in the past number of years, with the last one ending quite abruptly. This year she is going back to finish what she began and I have the great excitement of being able to go with her and other team members on June 23-July 2.

The team will consist of approximately 20 people, mostly from Prairie Lakes Church (PLC) in Cedar Falls. We are working through the 410 Bridge Foundation. We will not know exactly the nature of the work that we will be doing while in Kenya, but there are many different opportunities to share the ministry in all that we do to help the Kenyan community during our time there.

We could be working digging trenches for easier access to cleaner water, helping build/repair communal buildings, such as the school. Conditions are less than ideal in their part of the world, and every person that we take over to help in the labor and the planning of such things, helps expand and better what they endure every day.

As with all missions, it's unfortunately a costly endeavor to make the physical adventure happen. For each individual, between travel and living expenses, the cost is $3500, and needs to be raised in full by the end of April.

I know this isn't the best economic time to be asking for donations, but having witnessed others (mainly my own mother) who have been on this exact mission trip in the past, I have been able to see that this is a mission worth giving towards. This community has been matched with my own for a reason, and to not reach out and do my best to help further the Kenyan mission isn't an excuse of, "It's a money thing."

So I ask you to at least consider giving to the cause. Any piece helps. Whether it be $5 or $100, it gets one step closer to doing good will for these people, and the hearts of our own, the team members going with. As the trip not only changes the people of Kwambekenya, but gives a better look to those that live in the "wealth" of the United States, including myself.

Any donation you give is tax deductible. You can donate online at First time online givers must create an account and then follow the directions as prompted. Once signed in, click the “Project Kenya” fund and then choose my name from the drop down menu.

Please do what you feel most comfortable with and know that I am truly thankful for everything that you have given to this journey, either through your donations and/or your prayers and thoughts.

Thank you so much for your aid and goodwill for this project!!!

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sleepinl8 said...

So gonna do this! I haven't been the most selfless lately, an I think that may need a change - perfect opportune moment!