Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day Ten involves all men.

Bestest Boss on Veterans Day: I have the bestest boss in the whole world. Veterans Day = Holiday = I get to stay home and do all the things that I want to do. Like workout as long as I want, and clean the house! Ok, not really things I WANT to do, but things that I even less want to do at 8pm when I normally get home. I heart my boss. (Those that don't know me, I work for my dad, I dont have an abnormally creepy fascination with my employer).

Kurt on Glee: Tuesday's episode had me squealing and booing and awwing at the tv tonight, home alone. I love this show. It makes me happy.

Pumpkin marshmallows: It's been said before that Tim got me a Marshmallow of the Month Club, but I got November's gift of Pumpkin Pie marshmallows today. I love all things pumpkin. And marshmallow. Double whammy for my tastebuds.

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