Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Someone needs to tell me why I haven't actually dressed up and gone out for Halloween before. Because that night, was quite awesome. From last minute costume shopping for everyone else, to meeting up with some quite inebriated personal trainers, to being followed by the Marty McFly doppelganger all the way to Perkins. It was amazing.

Costume watching is amazing. Scrubbing bubbles: good work. MC Hammer: doing Hammertime in the middle of the bar. Cathy screaming Jason DeRulo to me: fantastic. Discovering the White Cactus: DE-licious. Getting home at 3:15....death the next day.

Encore Finale: Tim made quick work of our pumpkins real quick on Sunday afternoon. And they look better than if I had spent hours on them. Especially that Kiwi. Adorable.

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