Thursday, November 11, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Devilish Daddy and Barney nixes Cheetos!

This lovely old man adores me. Still! I know, I know, I would be sick of me too, but somehow my daddy still loves me enough to give me today's "holiday" off. I spent it running and at the gym and getting a bunch of errands done. The house isn't clean, but eh, I don't hear the cats complaining!

One of my errands involved Jiva Salon Spa (sadly no massage) but I ended up with shampoo that is the exact color of Barney. Its supposed to help me look like less of a Cheeto. Every day since i got it dyed it is oranger and oranger. Hopefully Barney think Cheetos are unhealthy and gives them the boot!

Days off make me hyper. Or tired. I think its because I just conned myself into giving into chocolate since I ran 12.5 miles.

Hushing now.

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