Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fall Sports Finale!

The Fall athletic season officially ended this weekend at UNI. Granted, there are still some basketball games left in the semester, but Volleyball is over (#1 in the conference, 26 straight wins) and Football ended on a less happier note (not even making the playoffs). They've gone fast, faster than the past two that I have been working them, but there is a whole winter season ahead!

Here's a few pictures of the games, taken by Tim, seeing as though I am in a cement tomb under a hallway between the field and the court. Far far and away from any of the actual fun action. But I saw all of the action on a 6"x10" screen! That should totally count for something....


The Mind of a Mom said...

Those are cool pics, congrads to the v-ball team! Are you a coach or on a team? The girl just made the varsity volleyball team :o)

Clare said...

Neither actually. I direct/run the Jumbotron for the University. So I am the one in the back clicking the buttons that change the cameras and directing the cameras for the big screen for football, volleyball, and mens/womens basketball.

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Clare that is a neat job!

I hope you and your family have an amazing
Take Care