Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Letters from "Santa"

This week's throwback is my brother and myself so many years ago. Almost two decades. (Eek!) But do take the time to notice how awed he looks at me. I was just that awesome. ;) And recently I received an email from my mother that was too hilarious not to post, so I do so in relation to this Christmassy throwback. It comes in response to an email from my husband adding a book to his Christmas list:

Dear Tim Tim,
Yes, books are good! They expand our world in many, many ways. I'm so happy too to see one on your list that doesn't involve oxen. :) Its only 7 more weeks until Christmas Eve. If you can continue to be a good boy (even into the New Year), I'll see that the elves have this information.
Love, Santa
PS: This year the reindeer would also like you to know that they have changed from their usual diet of cookies and milk to cheese and merlot - should be a wild night!!

Now, I will put money on the fact that as soon as she reads this, I will get a call complaining that it makes her look bad, but really, she is a normal, nice sane lady. So don't think bad about her! (And don't think I am taking it down mom, you are hilarious and people ought to know!)

Is it Thanksgiving yet?


Linds said...

Hehe! love it!

DeMo said...

niiiice. my mom would probably threaten disownment if i posted something like this from her. :)

Lori said...

Actually no phone call, but it dawned on me as I read it again that its Santa that has a diet of cookies and milk and the reindeer get carrots...Santa must have been having his pre-Thanksgiving 'celebration' when he wrote to Tim :) .....

The Mind of a Mom said...

The girl is going to ask for money from Santa this year, oh and gold earrings. I told her to write a letter to Santa! I am going to show her yours but I am going to leave out the part is was a while ago that it was written! 15 is not to old to write to Santa is it?? LoL