Monday, November 16, 2009

A Toads Weekend.

Over the past few months, I have been a mad case of homebody. I would just rather be home and chillin than out and about with music blarin. But this weekend, I went out both nights this weekend. Both til past 1am. Ridiculous.

Now, if you told me three years ago, I would have said that was insane. My last year in Boston, I was usually still up from the precious day when Tim went to work. And now, I am in bed by 11:30. I feel like a sellout.

But not this weekend! I even got to see an old old friend of mine named Joe. Joe busted out of Iowa just like I did, went to culinary school, and has been working as a chef in California ever since. I love the kid. Hes awesome. And everyone knows it.

So thats my story. Now witness the evidence!

Now.. I am off! To go to sleep. Before 11:30 :)

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Hence72 said...

pleased to meet you

come pay a visit some time