Friday, June 10, 2011

Twiddling my Thumbs.

It's been a boring couple of days. With some very random thoughts.

-Cedar Falls can thank me later for the growth of cherry trees between my house and the gym, due to my post run/pre boot camp snack...

-Driving up to the house yesterday, I saw a package outside the front door. I got super excited, thinking someone had sent me a package because I had nothing on order. No one sends me packages! It was going to be exciting! Got inside, opened up the front door, and it was the 2011-2012 Yellow Pages. I am clearly pathetic.

-I need to find a better vessel for ketchup. I find myself craving french fries (super no no in my diet) but I am 98% sure its just so I can eat ketchup. And no, ketchup does not belong on eggs. Nor is it catsup.

-As a kid, I remember LOVING getting the one cherry out of the can of mixed fruit. It was a legit highlight. Like getting the dessert out of the side dish.
I put a can in some jello yesterday to get rid of it (why I had a can, I have NO idea) and ate the cherry. And it was gross. So gross that I checked the can for the expiration date.
Clearly my tastebuds have changed.
Sidenote: It was a can of Very Cherry, and it contained a whole whopping three cherries. Not that I mind, cause ick, but still, you would think Very Cherry would have more than three.....

-Anyone read this that remembers the pink hair kid at Emerson? Moreso that he wouldn't eat honey because he was vegan....yeah, that was weird and stupid.

-In less than two months, I have watched 70 episodes of Ally McBeal and three seasons of Weeds. I think Tim needs to work less. Or I WILL turn into a crazy cat lady.

-I have run 15 miles a day every day (except one) for the past two weeks. I'm bore.

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