Friday, February 26, 2010


Uncle Sam stole my money. Lots of it. So did my dentist, but I feel like he actually earned that money, or most of it. Argh.

I feel like my bank account is steadily growing smaller, and we haven't even left yet. Last weekend, in Chicago, my lovely adorable awesome parents bought us two trail packs and a smaller pack for our trip. I love them. The trail packs are gorgeous, and the smaller one is BRIGHT orange. A few years ago, I would never have picked it, and now I wish I could carry it everywhere!

Tim and I also splurged at REI and bought ourselves waterproof hiking shoes. Mine are hideous. Why buy hideous shoes you ask? Because they were more comfortable than the cute ones. But hobbits really can't be judging MY feet, right? ;)

PS. During my training session this morning, she had me flapping like a bird in the hallway. Nope, not humiliating at all....

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