Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baffling My Brain.

Can I just start this off with a big, fat, I DONT KNOW? Cause its true. We have been pondering it for awhile. Pondering it hard for a couple of months. Pondering it always for several weeks. Where do we go from here? And instead of blathering on and on for pages and pages about all the possibilities. I shall blurb it up. Mainly, because the endlessness of it all is what is mind numbing. Whoever said so many options were a good thing was clearly more decisive than me.

Summer starts.

Pros: We can sublet for the summer, find a more permanent place, more permanent jobs, really find out if this is where we want to be, as opposed to just missing the good parts.
Cons: Paying rent. Expensive. Money in general.

Pros: Unique experience. Its frickin abroad. Programs look positive. Gap Year is what we are currently looking at. They help you find a place to live and work for like three months.
Cons: Programs can go awry. No kitties. Hopefully break even money wise. No potential in figuring out what to do in the fall.

Pros: Figuring out the fall, new place.
Cons: Where do we go? Where do we work? Where do we live?

-Cedar Falls
Pros: Summer in Cedar Falls is the best. Crowds are gone. Convertible, cheapest living possible, family, job, free time galore.
Cons: Its still Cedar Falls.

ARGH. Really. Making this list did not help me. Everything is just so internalized on the matter. Everything is in flux.

In my head, for a solid 24 hours, has been the song from Buffy (yes, I know, deal) after she kisses Spike and they all harmonize (the irony of "Harmony->Harmonize) does not escape me....."Where do we go, from here?"

I thought picking out my clothes in the morning was hard enough....


marion said...
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The Mind of a Mom said...

Good Luck with where ever your tank of gas of life takes you!