Monday, February 22, 2010

Blog Hop: Surviving Snow?

This was two month's ago already, but I have since stopped taking pictures because now, I really just want to punch snow and winter in the kidneys. Back then, it was still pretty :)


MckLinky Blog Hop


Kat said...

Beautiful best friend in Virginia says the same thing (she's a tad sick of the snow!)

Annette said...

LOL That's exactly how I felt about the snow when it was time to return to work (and school) after the Christmas holidays! It was beautiful and magical over the festive season, but it was just a pain in the butt when you needed to go about your normal daily routine.

I'm just popping by on the blog hop. Please to meet you!


Tree said...

Just stopping in from the Blog Hop. Those are gorgeous pics!! Love your analogy about snow and winter....I'm feeling the same here in New Jersey. Enough is enough. LOL