Sunday, January 25, 2009

Small Pause for Captain Awesome and Clutter.

I apologize for my lack of posts the past couple of days. I have had two things take over my life.

1) I basically emptied every single closet and cupboard and shelf onto the floor in order to try to organize my life of all the "clutter" (What I consider clutter, most people would call slightly messy, I'm just OCDish) but I am almost done, at least until our new stackable washer/dryer is delivered in three weeks! Only a few small piles left to tackle....

2) The day after we got back from the trip, I started watching How I Met Your Mother. And didn't stop. Before Christmas, the first three seasons were on sale at Best Buy, and being totally unable to turn away from such a sale, I bought all three seasons. Once I started, it was just nonstop awesome action. I flew through the first three seasons, and then watched the first half of season four online. Now I am all caught up to start watching the show next Monday! Pumped. It's hilarious. Robin is my Canadian kid hating doppelganger, only she's much hotter. Lily and Marshal are just the epitome of pukingly cute but choking with laughter of couples. And Barney?
Legend.ary. I would continue to quote all the things that make him awesome, but frankly, I wouldn't finish until Easter. So just watch yourself! And force yourself to take a break after every couple episodes, or you never well, and you will end up like Ted. Alone :(

But now, I cross my heart and hope to die that by midnight, you will be able to read about more of the insanity of Europe!

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