Monday, January 12, 2009

Backtracking to Christmas!

I know it was a while ago, but I got caught up in packing and travel, then being sick and all, so even the Christmas decorations didn't get put away back in their boxes until yesterday. It was kind of depressing, I was so excited for our trip and focused on that, that I didn't fully get to experience Christmas celebration to it's fullest degree this year. I love Christmas, can we do it over in February?

It did go well though, here's a rundown in pictures!

Christmas Eve. Spent in Waverly doing the whole grandparents thing, complete with homemade ice cream, which I turned into art!

Early morning Christmas Day. Clear and bright. Love it.

UNO with the boys. I won three rounds. And then was dragged away before I could beat them some more.

Only the lord knows what these Yahoos were up to....

I took this, laying on the floor, rolling in agony from waaayyyy too much food. But I liked the shot.

So really, this isn't even the best rundown of Christmas, but it shall have to do! Cause the rest of the photos are of family and presents and boring stuff like washing dishes....who likes to watch that boring stuff? Not I!!!! Although the girls should be more represented photoistically..... ;)

Tomorrow. Day 1 of my trip. Look for it!

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