Friday, January 23, 2009

Sidenote: Teeth!

This is me for 23 years.

This is me as of Tuesday. New president, new teeth!

It's taken me a bit of time to get used to them. As he was doing it, I was thinking, "this is silly, the gap doesn't bother any more, not like it used to, I shouldn't be messing with this" And then he was done. It's weird, I don't even think they make me look different, even though I know they do, I dont know. It's also hard because it wasn't a very good job. They LOOK right (which is the most important part) although, i kind of think they look like rabbit teeth, but they don't FEEL right. He told me it takes awhile, but when I run my finger over them, one tooth obviously is thicker than the other, they arent flush at the bottom, and the back of them has a little crease of a shelf that gets stuff stuck on it.

I guess we shall see....but I have no gap! Weird. So weird.


Anonymous said...

holy goodness! how do they do that so quickly? i think they look great, claire!o

Clare said...

Thanks! All my life I heard that braces were the only way to fix it, and that even that wasn't really permanent since they would shift back over the years.

And then, my dentist randomly said he could fix it in 40 minutes, totally permanent, but totally reversible if I hated it, in the same 40 minutes.

Ah....The magic of plastic! It's actually the stuff that they fill cavities with, or something very similar. It's really crazy how tooth like it looks!

T-Rav the Printer said...

Filling in tooth gaps is one thing, but what about gaps in common sense?

/"if i only had a brain"

T-Rav the Printer said...

*thinks* Is it obvious I was referring to myself--both gap-toothed and senseless--in that prior comment?


Well, OK. I was.