Monday, September 17, 2012

Great Weekend.

Fall is officially here. This past weekend was totally relaxing but yet packed with awesome. 
  • Made numerous combinations of peanut butter, chocolate, honey, corn flakes, awesomey goodness.
  • Played with a new puppy in an elementary school parking lot at 10 at night. 
  • Hot yoga both Saturday and Sunday. New studios make me happy.
  • Drove down to Iowa City to Wilson's Orchard. Huge apples. Sugar free apple butter. Super cute shop. 

  • Perfect Weather.
  • Shopping at the Outlets for Tim to get new work pants after dropping major inches this summer.
  • Getting sucked in to buying myself stuff at UnderArmor.
  • Traumatic "fashion" sighting though. I mean, really, someone purposefully put this outfit together for a public display?! My my. But the workers were in too tight sweatpants and Hawkeye I guess it makes senses ;-) 

  • Friends from out of town visiting
  • Watching the races at Cattle Congress 
  • Even more people convening and hanging out at Toads and BWW 

  • Beautiful day on Sunday to hang out, go on walks, convertible rides and take naps with kitties,

1 comment:

Tammie Lee said...

life does sound good. so happy for you. was just talking about hot yoga today. i know it must be a good stretchy workout... but i can't make myself do the hot part.