Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Places Slept: 2011.

I'm a few days later than normal in posting, but seeing as though I still keep writing my dates with 2011, my head must still be back in last year. It wasn't a bad year, that's for sure. Especially for travel, we did quite a bit, I think enough that it just kind of tapered off. Probably due more to jobs than anything, but also in preparation for 2012 travels. It will be another big one! Now watch, I say that, and I'll end up staying home every weekend. Where did you go this year? Best place? Worst place?


Home: Cedar Falls, IA
2/22: St Louis, MO
3/10: Moline, IL
3/11-3/18: Buena Vista, FL (Disney)
6/10: West Des Moines, IA
6/23: Cedar Rapids, IA
6/24: Over the Atlantic enroute to London
6/25: Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
6/26-29, Lake Naivasha, Kenya, Africa
6/30: Flamingo Hill Camp in Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya, Africa
7/1: Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
7/2: Over the Atlantic enroute to London
7/22: La Vista, NE
7/23-29: Copper Mountain, CO
8/18: Minneapolis, MN
8/19-20: Fargo, ND
8/30: Kent, OH
8/31-9/2: Boston, MA
9/3-Plymouth, MA
9/4-Boston, MA
9/5-Maumee, OH
12/11: Chicago, IL

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